The Listening Watch

This is a book about Len Hall, an Australian who served as a radio operator in Viet Nam, 1969-1970.

This is a book about war for people who do not read war books. It is the story of some Australian veterans who served in Viet Nam. 50,000 Australians volunteered or were conscripted to serve beside the US and South Vietnamese armies in a war which was unpopular all over the world and did devastating damage to the people and land of Viet Nam.

The Listening Watch listens to neglected voices from one part of that war. It tells something of the story of Len Hall, a West Australian who served in Viet Nam 1969 to 1970. When he returned, he was a different person. Many years later he realised he had been traumatised. What does this mean? What is it like to suffer from war trauma? How do wives and families cope with this? The Listening Watch explores how war can affect the families and friend of veterans, and how modern conflicts can reach far beyond their immediate time and place.

The book is a study of the silence which can surround veterans’ memories of war; the painful gaps in understanding; the empty spaces war leaves behind.


The Listening Watch: Memories of Viet Nam


1   The veterans

2   The listening watch

3   The empty space

4   After trauma

5   Viet Nam mon amour



The Listening Watch

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