Re. a chapter on D. H. Lawrence’s short fiction

Clarification re. an error

In 2001, I co-authored a chapter on the short fiction of D.H. Lawrence for The Cambridge Companion to D. H. Lawrence. I did most of the research, and my co-author, Dr Con Coroneos, did most of the writing, then we collaborated on the editing.

In the course of the writing, my co-author made a few notes, including some plot summaries from Graham Hough’s classic study, The Dark Sun. Unfortunately, he didn’t annotate his notes fully, and when he was writing up the chapter from our joint notes, he took Hough’s words to be his own, and included them in the argument. The chapter was then published with a few sentences my co-author had inadvertently copied from Hough.

Several years later, a reader noticed the error and contacted the Times Higher Education Supplement, who published allegations of plagiarism. CUP looked into the matter, and we were all embarrassed to realise an error had been made. My co-author acknowledged the mistake and it was clear he had no intention to copy from Hough. CUP issued an apology, and we have corrected the error for future editions of the book. This was noted in the Times Higher on 3 July 2007.