Vietnamese diaspora writers

Novels, memoirs, poetry

• Quan Barry, She Weeps Each Time You’re Born (2014)
• Angie Chau, Quiet as they Come (2010)
• Linh Dinh, Love Like Hate (2010)
• Thuy Le, The Gangster We are All Looking For (2003)
• Bich Minh Nguyen, Stealing Buddha’s Dinner (2007)
• Bich Minh Nguyen, Short Girls (2009)
• Bich Minh Nguyen, Pioneer Girl (2014)
• Diana Khoi Nguyen, Ghost Of (2018). Poetry.
• Viet Nguyen, The Sympathizer (2015). Won the Pulitzer Prize 2016.
• Viet Nguyen, The Refugees (2017)
• Andrew Pham, Catfish and Mandala (1999). Won Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize; New York Times Notable Book of the Year; Seattle Post-Intelligencer Best Book of the Year.
• Andrew Pham, The Eaves of Heaven (2008)
• Aimee Phan, We Should Never Meet (2004)
• Aimee Phan, The Reeducation of Cherry Truong (2012)
• Vu Tran, Dragonfish: A Novel (2015)
• Monique Truong, The Book of Salt (2003)
• Monique Truong, Bitter in the Mouth (2010)
•Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds (2016). Poetry. Won the TS Eliot Prize for Poetry, 2017.

Quan Barry

Quan Barry, She Weeps Each Time You’re Born (2014). Novel.

Review of She Weeps Each Time You’re Born in Boston Globe, 19 Feb. 2015.

Angie Chau

Angie Chau website.

Angie Chau, Quiet as They Come (2010). Stories. This book was nominated for two prestigious awards in 2011 and is taught on school and university courses in the US.

Interview with Angie Chau, Shades Magazine.

Andrew Lam, interview with Angie Chau, DiaCRITICS, 28 April 2011.

Linh Dinh

Linh Dinh, Love Like Hate (2010)

Linh Dinh, Opinion piece, New York Times, 31 May 200

Linh Dinh, ‘America’s Automobile Mania’, The Guardian (UK), 22 Feb. 2011

Thuy Le (le thi diem thuy)


Novel: The Gangster We are All Looking For (2003). Thuy Le reads from the title chapter on YouTube.

David Mehegan, review of Gangster, 2003.

Maggie Gee, review of Gangster in The Independent (London), 30 Jan. 2004.

Jutta Gsoels-LThuy Le Gangster coverorenson, ‘Le Thi Diem Thuy’s The Gangster We are All Looking For: The Ekphrastic Emigration of a Photograph’, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 48, 1 (2006), 3-18.

Linda Salem, interview with Thuy Le, KBPS, 2010.

Jade Hidle, report of a reading by Thuy Le, Diacritics, 6 Feb. 2011.

Quan Manh Ha, ‘Conspiracy of Silence and New Subjectivity in Monkey Bridge and The Gangster We Are All Looking For‘, Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, 8 (2013).

Trudi Tate, ‘Living Afterwards’ (on Thuy Le and Viet Nguyen), Book 2.0 (September 2018)

Bich Minh (Beth) Nguyen

Bich Minh Nguyen website.

Review of Stealing Buddha’s Dinner (novel, 2007) in New York Times, 4 Feb. 2007.

Review of Short Girls (novel, 2009) in LA Times, 24 July 2009.

Bich Minh Nguyen, Pioneer Girl (2014). Novel.

NPR interview with Beth Nguyen about Pioneer Girl, 9 Feb. 2014.

Interview with Beth Nguyen, Angry Asian Man blog, 19 Jan. 2018.

Diana Khoi Nguyen, poet

Diana Khoi Nguyen, website51pCPsfZZeL.

Interview, Haunting Legacy website.

Poem, Ghost Of.

Poetry collection, Ghost Of (2018).

Qui Duc Nguyen

Qui Duc Nguyen, Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family (1994; University of Nebraska Press, 2009).

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Viet Nguyen website.

Viet Nguyen, The Sympathizer (2015). Novel. This book won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize. New York Times article 21 June 2016. NPR review, 11 April 2015. It also won the 2016 Dayton Peace Prize.

Viet Nguyen, Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War (Harvard University Press, 2016). Essays. Further information here.

Viet Nguyen, The Refugees (2017). Short stories. Reviewed in New York Times, 13 Feb. 2017.

Viet Nguyen, article in New York Times, 12 January 2019.

Viet Nguyen, article in Time magazine, Nov. 2018.

Interview about The Refugees: Brian Bethune, ‘Q&A: Author Viet Thanh Nguyen on the Ghosts that Haunt Refugees’, Macleans (Canada), 27 Feb. 2017: here.

Interview with Josephine Livingstone about The Refugees, New Republic, 25 July 2017: here.

Viet Nguyen opinion piece in New York Times, 21 Jan. 2018.


 Diacritics, Interview 7 September 2015. Interview from The Atlantic, in which Nguyen discusses the reading which influenced his writing. Reprinted in Diacritics.

Viet Nguyen, ‘The Great Vietnam War Novel was not Written by an American’, New York Times, 2 May 2017.

Viet Nguyen, article on being a refugee, an American and a human being. Posted on his website, Feb. 2017.

Viet Nguyen, ‘The Hidden Scars all Refugees Carry’, New York Times, 2 Sept. 2016.

Viet Nguyen, ‘The Forgotten Victims of Agent Orange’ New York Times, 15 Sept. 2017.

Viet Nguyen, 2011 essay on being Vietnamese (or not).

Viet Nguyen, ‘Dislocation is my Location’, PMLA,  133, 2 (March 2018), 428–436.

Trudi Tate, review of The Refugees for Refugee History website, 2017.

Interview with Karl Ashoka Britto, Public Books, 25 September 2018.

Bao Ninh

North Vietnamese veteran and author of The Sorrow of War (1991)

Interview by Marc Levy with Bao Ninh in The Veteran: Vietnam Veterans Against the War (Fall-Winter 1999 and Spring-Summer 2000).

Interview by Suzanne Goldberg with Bao Ninh in the Observer, 19 November 2006.

Bao Ninh article, ‘The First Time I met Americans’, New York Times, 5 September 2017.

Andrew Pham

Andrew Pham website.

Andrew Pham, Catfish and Mandala (1999). Novel.

Andrew Pham, Eves of Heaven (2008). Memoir of his father’s life. Reviewed by Trudi Tate, 2009.

Andrew Pham, A Culinary Odyssey (2012).

Andrew Pham, A Theory of Flight (2012).

imagesMatt Steinglass, review of Eves of Heaven, New York Times, 13 July 2008.

Anita Duneer, ‘Postpositivist Realism and Mandala: Toward Reconciliation and Reunification of Vietnamese and American Identities in Andrew X. Pham’s Catfish and Mandala’, Auto/Biography Studies, 17, 2 (2002)

James Pipkin, ‘Andrew X. Pham’s Catfish and Mandala and the Dialogics of Identity’, Life Writing, 10, 4 (2013)

Eric Nguyen, interview with Andrew Pham, DiaCRITICS, 6 May 2013

Aimee Phan

Aimee Phan website.

Aimee Phan, WeShould Never Meet (2004). Stories.

Aimee Phan, The Reeducation of Cherry Truong (2012). Novel.

Cam Vu, review of The Reeducation of Cherry Truong , DiaCRITICS, 2 July 2012.

Sunny Woan, interview with Aimee Phan, DiaCRITICS, 30 August 2012

Aimee Phan, ‘Why Mainstream Critics Fail Writers of Color’, Talking Writing, 24 Feb. 2014.

Lac Su

LacSu, I Love Yous Are for White People: A Memoir (2009).

Quan Manh Ha essay on Lac Su, Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement, (2013)

Vu Tran

Vu Tran website, University of Chicago.

Dragonfish: A Novel (2015)

‘The Uncertain Memories of a Four-Year-Old Refugee’, Literary Hub, August 2016

‘A Refugee Again’, in Displaced: Essays on Refugees, ed. Viet Thanh Nguyen (New York: Abrams Books, 2018)

Monique Truong


Monique Truong website.

Monique Truong, The Book of Salt


Monique Truong, Bitter in the Mouth (2010)

Interview with Monique Truong about The Book of Salt.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

Kim Thuy, Vietnamese-Canadian Writer

Ru (2010; English trans. 2012)

Man (2014)

Ocean Vuong, poet

Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds (2016). Poetry.

Article on Vuong in the Guardian, 3 Oct. 2017.

Ocean Vuong won the prestigious T. S. Eliot Prize for poetry, 2017. Report in the Guardian, Jan. 2018.

Eric Nguyen reviews Night Sky With Exit Wounds, diaCRITICS, 18 July 2016.


DiaCRITICS: Journal of art, culture and politics by and about the Vietnamese diaspora. Highly recommended. @dia_CRITICS

Literary and cultural essays

Lan Duong, Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture, and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2012)

Mark Heberle, ed., Thirty Years After: New Essays on Vietnam War Literature, Film and Art (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009)

Kim Huynh, ‘Why I like Learning Vietnamese’ (2011).

V. T. Nguyen, ‘Remembering War, Dreaming Peace: On Cosmopolitanism, Compassion and Literature’, Japanese Journal of American Studies, 20 (2009), 1-26

Viet Nguyen, Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War (Harvard University Press, 2016)

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, This is All I Choose to Tell: History and Hybridity in Vietnamese American Literature (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010)